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Meet the team

Frank Madison: co-founder

Dharma SEO was co-founded in 2012, by Frank Madison. An Internet Marketer, Web Designer and Developer since 1997. Frank built the successful online magazine Defense Review, using online marketing techniques. Dharma SEO is an innovative company that provides the advice and solutions that empower business owners to successfully grow their businesses through social media and online marketing. This year Frank Madison and Tracie Samara launched the MiamiGreenGuide.com to bring green businesses and green events together on one website. This is a much-needed resource for the people of Miami to find Businesses and Events in their community.

Tracie Samara: co-founder

Tracie Samara co-founded Dharma SEO and MiamiGreenGuide.com, after she co-founded Dharma Discount in 2010. Tracie’s voice in the “Natural Holistic Community” has been around since 1993. Currently, she is organizing and coordinating Green Businesses and Vendors for local events, including a very successful Monthly Holistic Nightlife Party, called “The Downtown Full Moon Party”. She has lived the lifestyle that now others are starting to practice as Green and Healthy. With this understanding of her community, Tracie guides Green businesses on how to leverage the Internet, to reach the seekers of their specialty.